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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?


Counselling and Psychotherapy costs £45 per session


If you are struggling with the cost of counselling please still get in touch.. We would hate for someone not to seek help because of money. Please contact us for further information.

What type of issues do you cover?

We provide counselling for anybody with any issue. We believe you are more than what you have done in the past, more than what you are facing now, and treat you as a unique individual, not just a person with a particular issue or problem. 



How many sessions will I need?


This varies enormously and depends on the issues you bring to counselling, and we will discuss this. We offer both short and long term counselling and psychotherapy.



Where are you?


Positive Futures Counselling is based in Louth Lincolnshire and Retford Nottinghamshire.We are easily accessible from Grimsby, Wragby, Skegness, Worksop, Doncaster and surrounding areas. We also provide online and telephone appointments nationwide.

What type of counselling do you provide? 

Our counselling is relational and integrative. This means that we believe the relationships we experience throughout our lives help shape us, with a particular emphasis on how our earliest relationships within our families impact our development, self esteem and the way we view ourselves and our world around us. This also means, importantly, that the therapeutic relationship can heal us.

What about confidentiality?


We take your confidentiality very seriously, and this will be discussed with you at our first meeting. 

How can I get the most from counselling?


There are a few ways to get the most from your experience of counselling:


  • Keep an open mind

  • It is important to be honest. We are not here to judge you, we are here to help you

  • Personal commitment is crucial to your success. Counselling isn't 'done to you', we work together



What happens in a session?


During the first session we will discuss what you would like to gain from counselling, and how often you would like to meet. 

There is no 'typical counselling session'.. Some people prefer to sit and talk, some people prefer to draw, role play, or do a mixture of things. It is your session, and should be what you feel comfortable with. 

Do you offer counselling in other settings?


Positive Futures Counselling is available for counselling in schools and other educational settings, and for EAP (Employer Assistance Programmes) and insurance referrals. Please contact us to enquire.


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