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All testimonials have been provided voluntarily by clients of Positive Futures Counselling. All names have been changed to protect identities. 

"I'm shocked by how much I can talk to you and open up to you, and yet I can't with family or anyone else. I normally keep my feelings to myself, but find it easy to talk about them with you"    Clive

"I was nervous about starting counselling as there are people worse off than me, and I've not had anything major happen in my life, so felt a bit of a fraud - but it has been really helpful in understanding why I feel anxious, and I have been able to make changes and deal with my anxiety better"     David

"It is nice to have an outlet and be able to 'offload' to someone, and know that it is confidential"      Julia

"It has brought me closer to my wife, and fixed our relationship. We now communicate better and aren't afraid to share how we feel with each other"    Jim

If any current or previous clients would like to leave feedback please get in touch. Thank you 

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